Decker Outlet Corporation East Haven Connecticut Review


While checking my bank account on line this morning, I found an unusual charge for $191.25 from Deckers Outlet Corporation. Not knowing who or what this was I did a Google search and came across this site. After checking with other family members to see if they had made any purchases, and they did not, I immediately called my bank to report and unauthorized charge. My bank did a check to see where the charge had come from and to our surprise it was a purchase at a grocery store in China of all places. Since my bank can’t stop the charge, it’s still pending. I have to wait till the transaction clears the bank. Then the bank will credit me back the amount. They put a stop on my credit card and did a reissue for a new one. Good thing I check the bank this morning. And thank God for online banking. Bank of America was really helpful for this situation. And will be watching my accounts to see if anything else comes in from odd places.

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