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After being emailed by a salesman to ask about my cart I told him I found their site hard to use. I need to search by color, shape, and size and it does not allow that. he said it can’t do that. I told him I know…They should have it though…I bought on another site because I was able to search for what I wanted. Tony, “Do you know how much programming and data entry that will take”? I replied, “Actually I do. But I know you would sell many more pairs of glasses that way. Thank you any way.” Tony Russo replied back, “Do you want to do the data entry? You will need to describe 50, 000 frames It may take you a year I can offer you a salary of $59, 000. I replied, “This conversation is over. I was just letting why I did not purchase from you so you would know. So much for giving feedback to improve your site. please stop emailing me.” Tony wrote, “Site improvement with good suggestions is what I am looking for IDIOTIC ones are not accepted.” I wrote, “Thank you I will be posting these comments on facebook and twitter for all possible future customers to see. The only idiot here is YOU! Any additional emails sent by you will be reported as SPAM. Tony then wrote back, “Ohh my god please don’t post about me on all of these sites I would so completely crushed Can you please not post anything about me I am very sorry that you are very stupid and I am Just very very sorry that you the studpidy of all your comments spills out of your ears.”

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