Dee Dee Wilcox Modesto, California California


Meet Dee Dee Wilcox; a home-wrecking, whore. A special-ed teacher’s aide, to my stepson. That is how she first came into our lives  My ex, (the home-wreckee) with whom I was with/supported for 13 years , apparently kept in touch with her, or vice-versa. He began having an affair with her, since March 2012 (that I know of). || The way that the affair was exposed: My ex had me babysit our grandson, so that he could go to the local bar, for a going away party for our adopted son, who was going away for his marine deployment. During the party, Peter (my ex) interacted with the homewrecker, Dee Dee, inappropriately, that waved big, red flags in the faces of his children and mine. He had the nerve to introduce her to his adult children and mine. My daughter in-law was extremely suspicious and demanded to know who the f*** this b**** in the cheap ass red shirt was hanging all over him (my ex). My daughter in-law thought it strange when he introduced her as his child’s former teacher. She (my daughter in-law) thought it quite peculiar that this woman would be hanging around with my ex and her former students. || Two days later, the home-wrecker was doing our adopted son’s (and her former student) a favor by returning a rental car for him, because of his deployment. She was supposed to pick up the key from me. My daughter in-law (Brenda) saw her driving away in the rental car and asked “how did she get the key, Yvette (me)?!” and I replied “she hasn’t picked it up yet.” Brenda revealed to me, that, that woman had been at the bar, in the red blouse, hanging all over Peter. I then said; “what do you mean she was at the bar?!” No one had told me that she had been the one at the bar that night. I then phoned Peter (my ex) asking him how Dee Dee had got the key? He said that he had left the key for her, in his truck, so she wouldn’t have to bother me, since I was babysitting our grandson (I know, how stupid, right?!). || After I spoke with him, I continued to believe him, albeit doubt in my mind and suspicion of something. || Everything went normal that night, the next morning and then after arriving at work, he phoned me and said; that “he wanted to be alone.” He was concerned that I was overweight and not healthy. He explained that he thought it would be just fine, to let me stay in our home, and he would stay in his recently acquired work provided apartment during the week and on the weekends he would still come home and everything would be normal, that we would be best friends and continue on with our normal routine…!!!!??????? That is when I hung up on him and immediately phoned Dee Dee and told her I knew everything! She text me back and said sorry, he had been telling her that he and I were just roommates and that nothing was between us. BIG, FAT lie of course on his and her part, because our adopted marine son, had told them in June of 2012 when he found out that they were ruining his family. || This same time, Brenda (my daughter in-law) admitted to me that her husband, my ex’s son (whom both lived with us) knew all along about the affair and that she was sorry and didn’t tell me about the affair because she didn’t want to hurt me. || After discovering all of this, I thought it best to get f*** out of this horrible house of lies, deceit and destruction. I immediately started moving all of my things out of the house, much to my ex’s dismay.

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