Dejuan Dorsey Phoenix AZ


Complaint: Ladies this man is a scam artist and coward. I met this gentleman online and he posed to have tons of money and nice things. However that is not the case. Months after meeting this creep said he needed my help and scammed me out of a few thousand dollars. Thankfully I only fell for it once even though he asked for things multiple times. Sending me pics of bank account balances, airplanes, cars, none of it his I assume. I have chatted online most recent as of April 2016 with him. This creep made 2 payments to me total 150.00 of the couple thousand he stole. He did advise that he was this high stakes player on the World Series or poker and did frequent the talking stick poker room in Arizona. This guy is full of sh*t and I hope that karma gives him what he deserves.

Tags: Business Opportunity Scam, Con Man/ Scam Artist ALERT, Dating Scam, Scam, Scammed & Ripped Off, Scammer

Address: AZ, TX, NV, FL United States



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