I used a website ( to sell my engagement ring and the company confirmed receipt yet I have never been paid for my property. Itís been 6 months. I have made countless attempts and they keep blaming COVID. There is a long list of others in this situation as evident by the BBB site here:

All other aspects of the business are running. This is clearly a case of fraud and many have been waiting almost a year to get paid. I have all documents supporting my case as well as another victims information. I have filed a local police report and complaint with the FBI Internet Crimes division and awaiting further action. Looking to have someone at the federal level/media look into this and draw attention to the matter due to the hundreds of thousands owed to victims.

I have all supporting documentation and emails.

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 16 E 52nd St
Phone 1 212-681-9550

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