Delicious Deliveries (Evan) Gilbert Arizona


Complaint: I have ordered from this place on several occasions (always large orders for parties) and every time there is a problem. The first time, the food arrived cold. I called and asked them to deliver fresh food & replace what had arrived. They said they could not but would give me a credit. I said, no, I do not need a credit, I need hot, fresh food. They finally agreed to replace the food, but it took them over 2 hours. I ordered again because I assumed that the original issue was with the restaurant and not the deliver company. This time the food arrived hot. Too bad it was all sushi rolls that should have been kept cold! The delivery driver said something like, “oh

Tags: Restaurant Delivery Services

Address: sorry. I didn’t know it should be kept away from the hot food.”” This time when I called I was livid

Website: but it never posted to my account. After several emails

Phone: how could they expect me to serve sushi that had gotten hot

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