Delta Airlines And Cheap Tickets Brooklyn New York Review


My wife and I booked a fare to Chicago From JFK on Delta using Cheap When we got to the airport the flight had been cancled due to the weather in Chicago. I was told that the plane was to small to handle the weather. BUT! at this time I learned it was a reigonal airline canair The same airline that crashed in Buffalo a month or so ago. I wouldnt have booked on this airline for any money they dont have the same standards as the major airlines, At no time did they ask my permission to change my booking to another line. I paid for Delta service and a non stop flight. nI had 2 cancellations and ended up flying to atlanta then to Chicago arriving at 12 pm because the regional airline didnt have planes that met the weather conditions. Deltas craft did. Im looking for a trip refund and I think this form of deceptive advertising and bait and switch pricing should be stopped by a class action law suit nAnnoyedconsumernBrooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.

Delta Air lines .com New York City, New York U.S.A.


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