Delta Airlines Magna Utah Review


I booked a ticket through Delta for my friend on 12/26/2014. I received an email confirmation of the reservation and my credit card was charged. I noticed that the name was misspelled slightly. I waited about a week to call to see if I could get it changed. When I called I spoke with the agent and gave her the confirmation number. The Agent told me that my travel agent cancelled the flight. I told her this was impossible because I didn’t have a travel agent book it, I booked it through Delta on the phone. She said that she could change the name but I had to have my travel agent reinstate the reservation. I asked to speak with a supervisor I got a man who was extremely polite and helpful. He informed me that Air France who was responsible for one leg of the flight, rejected my reservation which canceled the entire reservation. This was a really big surprise to me because I was never notified, nor was money refunded to my credit card. He said that he would take care of it. After about 45 minutes he said that it was taken care of but I should call back the next morning just to make sure. I called the next morning and waited 20 minutes to speak with an agent. I told the agent that I just needed to verify if the reservation when through. She said let me check on that and put me on hold for a few minutes. She came back and said we are having a manager look into it. After 15 more minutes she comes back on and says that a manager was checking with Air Ukraine who was responsible for a different leg of the flight and that it would be only two or three minutes. After another 15 minutes I finally realized that the problem still wasn’t taken care of. I hung up and called another number. After another twenty minutes of waiting, I got put on hold by the representative while she fetched her supervisor. This led to another 20 minute long wait. When the supervisor got on the phone I told her how unhappy I was, and that I just wanted a refund because “No valid ticket”” had been issued. She immediately hung up on me. So once again I called back. I had another 40 minute wait until I could talk to a supervisor. About 35 minutes into the wait I get an email with my reservation confirmation. When the supervisor comes on

I tell him the story and tell him I just want a refund. He asks for the confirmation number off the email that I just received. When he enters it

nothing comes up. There is no reservation with that confirmation number. I give him the old confirmation number from the flight that was canceled

and up comes the reservation. He says its all good and the problem has been solved. I point out that this is the second time I have heard that and the most recent confirmation number didn’t bring anything up. I told him I can’t make plans and neither can my friend if we can’t be sure that the flight will actually be honored. I just tell him I will go with another airline and I want a refund. He tells me it is a non-refundable ticket and I cannot get a refund. I point out that Delta is the one that canceled the flight. He said it doesn’t matter it is non-refundable. This is the third international ticket I have bought from Delta in the past 6 months. I have never had this many problems. I went ahead and bought a ticket on a different airline. I am out 1200 dollars but Delta will never ever get another cent from me.”

Nationwide USA

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