Delta Faucets Goodyear Arizona Review


We purchased a Delta Ashton Touch 2O faucet from Lowes. It worked great for about six months. After that we had to use it mostly as a regular faucet. Sometimes it workedt by touch, but mostly not. It was hit or miss — mostly miss. Lowes told me to contact Delta. Each call to Delta had prety much the same response — change the battery. I told Customer Service that the indicator light showed the battery to be good, but they said “change the battery””. So I changed the battery

but still no fix. They told me they don’t send anyone out to fix the problems

and that I should call another plumber. After $340 for the faucet and about $150 for a plumber

who can afford to drop more money on a dog of a product? Can’t decide if the faucet or customer service sucks the worst.”

Nationwide USA

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