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Just got a message from a “Danny Archer”” allegedly from the Department of Legal Affairs at the US Treasure who was attempting to reach me in regards to an “”important issue.”” Reportedly. he was giving me a verbal notification of an “”enforcement action”” that was started against me. The message ended with “”…have a blessed day.”” When I phoned Danny Archer

he was initally informing me of three counts of “”fraud”” although the charges were very unclear. He stated that the police will be at my office tomorrow to arrest me as a result of unpaid taxes in the year 2010-2011 (I wondered which one). Knowing that I had paid my taxes

I inquired more which made Mr. Archers voice get louder and louder. I asked him why he had to yell at me since I was not yelling at him and he denied that he was yelling. I told him that I would like not to be arrested by resolving this issue and he said he would transfer the call to the “”Department of Investigations”” and hung up. I am not sure if this is a fraud until I call the IRS to see if I indeed owe money (but I really believe I do not). However

I have had other interactions with IRS which were through correspondence requesting payment which I made. I don’t believe the IRS calls you and threatens to have you arrested. As a psychologist

I have had some opportunity to work with law enforcement who usually don’t call you to notify you that they are coming. Will investigate this further but I believe it is fraudulent. This is very scary. So

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