Dennis Barber


Single mom of three children who needed a place to live. I looked all over Fort Walton Beach, with no luck. My credit is not good and I live paycheck to paycheck. I saw Mr. Barbers for rent sign and called. He said he did not run credit and the rent was $1300 a month. I was desperate and signed a year lease. I struggled paying the rent and taking care of the other bills. I was late with rent a few times, but he was always payed and late payments were paid as well. I was a good tenant, only had one issue while there. I had a leak in the wall in the living room. Mr. Barber was notified and he got the leak fixed. I had a hole in the wall of my living room for a month. He finally came back to finish, after several calls. My lease was up in February 2016, I paid the rent and gave a 30 day notice to not renew my lease. I vacated the home on Friday, February 19th. At that time I requested a walk through, he said he was “out of town”. I asked for a walk through several other times with no response from him. I left town, and my friend is now living in the home with her family. I left the home in great condition, only having a refrigerator shelf broken. As of today he has not given me my deposit back, he does not return calls or text. He is trying to make me pay for things I should not pay for. I finally talked to him today and he said stop harassing him or he will put a restraining order on me. I maby text him once a week. I deserve to get most of my deposit back. I have documentation and pictures of this whole ordeal. Mr. Barber is a crooked, unprofessional, disgusting business person. Beware

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