Dennis Carr Port Washington New York Review


Dennis Carr is a fraud. He takes upfront money to facilitate small business loans or equity based funding. He can deliver neither service. He talks like an industry player, but all he can do is push paper from one broker to the next. He claims to posses magic underwriting capabilities with lending institutions, which never lead anywhere. I doubt very much any relationship between any investment firm and his company exists. Normally he asks for a non-refundable $5000 deposit to get started, but I was dubious and negotiated a $2150 fee with a 30-day performance guarantee. Once that period of time lapsed I decided to extend the contract for another 60 days. During this time frame he broke two face to face appointments without ever producing a ledger of benchmarks. In fact, he never really paid any attention to my business venture unless I chased him down and initiated a conversation. He also charges an absurd $750 fee for background checks without producing a paid receipt. I was lucky enough to recover a portion of my money, but it’s been 8 months and counting and now he won’t return my emails, phone calls or text messages. Buyer beware. Don’t do business with Dennis Carr or Bancport



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