Dennis Coggin of Cotgrave in Nottingam (Serial Player)


Signs up to dating sites looking for ‘friends’ only, states he’s married and just looking to make new friends, starts up conversation, encourages a meet up, constant texts and whats app saying how he feels he’s known you years and he’s falling in love with you, massive charmer, you firmly believe your the only one, calls you princess, beautiful etc, says he fears a life without you in it, all the usual bull, gotta give it to him though, he was good, really believable. once he’s got you in to bed after a couple of dates (I’d give him a 6/10 for effort in the bedroom department), thats when he starts messing about and loosing interest, arranging dates then cancelling at the last minute, says he needs to slow things down as he’s falling in love so fast (blah blah), gets really evasive, when pushed for answers he then accuses you of seeing someone else and how you didn’t seem to love him as much as he loves you (this is where is next victim has been primed and ready for the kill), I guess it takes the heat off him, he likes to come across as the poor victim, this leaves a door open for him to pop back in to your life so he can screw you over again.He is married with 3 kids, claims his wife is a lesbian and doesn’t find him attractive and that its been a year since he was last intimate with a woman.It took me a day to find a whole selection of poor broken hearted single mums (yes, he loves the venerable ones) that had been played by Dennis Coggin, he’s pretty consistent with his games, and at the last count he’s carving the bedpost at a rate of about one a if you have also been played by this guy then I feel for you, but scrape yourself up from the floor and don’t let this lying cheating unfaithful piece of crap be the cause of any more of your tears, and take joy from the knowledge that Karma will one day whip this little shits arse.Details of this scum bag so you unsuspecting ladies can keep your eyes peeled are:Dennis Coggin, 45, from Cotgrave in Nottingham, claims to run a computer repair business, although not sure how he’d have the time, so probably the reality is benefits, tax credits etc. drives a old crappy soft top (Renault) with a bonnet sticker on the front (a dragon), the car is his pride and joy, its ancient and probably worth a couple of hundred quid tops, he’s all muscles and tattoos, frequents the gym most days, loves taking videos and pictures of himself and posting them on social networking sites, if he takes you out i’m afraid it will only be McDonalds or KFC, he’ll turn up so late for the date that you won’t get served in any well respecting restaurant.If you have been played by this un feeling poor excuse for a man, then please share on here, us played ladies don’t like to feel that were the only fool on the planet.

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