Denny’s Bellaire Texas


Complaint: I left my phone on the table after eating dinner on Thursday, May 2nd. I called the next day and they said that they needed to contact the night manager to see if the phone had been found. Miraculously, the camera system did not record the night that I was there. I stopped by on Friday evening and they said that they still didn’t know if they had my phone or not. Finally, on Monday, May 6, they called and said that they did have my phone. This was 4 days after I left the phone there, so I already filed a lost phone insurance claim that cost me $200. I informed them that I was not going to be able to come get the phone for several days as I was in and out of town and they said that would be fine. Today, I called and said that I was sending someone to get my phone and theysaid that would be fine. When my friend arrived, they said that they don’t have my phone. When I called to question as to why my phone was not there they gave me the same excuse as they had before, which was that they had to check with the night manager. When I question why it seemed to be so difficult for me to get my property back, I was told that it wasn’t their fault, since I was the one that left my phone. This may be true, but as a paying customer, I would expect them to make every effort to find merchandise that was left and return it. I have now been there 2 times and have been told that I can’t have my phone because I have to talk to the night manager. When I told them that they have to give me my property, they said that I needed to just call the cops then.

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 10367 Hwy 59 Wharton, Texas USA


Phone: 979-532-3200

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