Dental Care Alliance Review


On August 26, 2015 my wife took my daughter to check on her tooth in | Dental One Associates Annapolis PC, it took the Dentist about 5 minutes just to talk about | what is need to be done for my daughter’s tooth nothing else, when my wife checked out, | she paid $57.00 when I received the dental insurance statement it showed that | we should only pay $10 then I called the Dental One Associates Annapolis PC | to ask why they charged us $47.00 extra the person answered the phone said | you can come to the office and sign some papers so they can send me a check, | it took them 4 months to send the check, that time I thought maybe they make | mistake.On February 23, 2016 my younger son went with my wife for one teeth | filling, Dental One Associates Annapolis PC charged my wife $60.00.On | March 01, 2016 my older son went there to have tooth filing they told | him 4 tooth will cost almost $600.00, then he said no please do only one | teeth , when he checked out he paid $173.00 for only one teeth, | so my younger son paid $60.00 for the same service that my older | son had with and he paid $173.00 , so I called them and | I talked to Michelle and I asked her why you charged us $173.00 for | one teeth filing she said that is your insurance, I believe that place over charge usThis place over charged both my younger and older son, now they are trying to punch me because | I filed complain about them to BBB and want me to pay the different from $61 to $104, | I can not believe it. my daughter was there 08/26/2015 and they charged us $46 extra and | I had to call the insurance to get my money back. They charged my younger son $61.00 for work should be only $20.00 . | and the same thing happened to my older son they charged us $173 for work should be only $20 | I need my money back I need refund for $194.00 | How do I know the work they said were done for my 2 sons it is true , I believed they ripoff us.


Name: Dental Care Alliance

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Sarasota

Address: 6240 Lake Osprey Drive

Phone: (888) 876-4531


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