Department of Children and Family Services Review


There were programs in place in Germany in the 1940s to remove children from homes of invaded countries and adopt them off to rich German parents – government-led human trafficking. You think, “n**i,” but this is happening in America today. | I don’t know if you know this, but dcfs has no interest in parents’ well being, or they simply wouldn’t be doing a majority of the illegal things they are doing. They are very obviously removing perfectly normal kids from perfectly loving parents, with no warrants, no explanation, and, ultimately, no good reason – except *** cash for kids ***. | dcfs’s interest is to capture children and put them into a corrupt and abusive system which is not only much worse than being home with their parents, but actually cruel. dcfs is responsible for far more child death and abuse than the parents they accuse. Virtually ALL of the deaths are a result of maltreatment by foster care. dcfs is awarded some $250,000 a year for each child they abduct, so it is always in their best interest to keep these children away from parents so they continue to receive their funding. They would rather shuffle a child from one abusive foster family to another and allow sex offenders to be foster parents because their human warehousing system is over-stressed and over-burdened with unwarranted, needless abductions. Ultimately, they do not care about the parent OR the child, but this is what they are taught, and in turn tell themselves every morning so they can keep up illegal and immoral activities on a daily basis – think: brainwashed kidnappers on government payroll. | The people with good hearts who actually realize what they are doing often simply quit. The alternative is to get fired as whistleblower, or worse [more below]. As a result, dcfs can only retain heartless, childless monsters who are sociopathic enough to lie and kidnap for a living. Over time, those psycho- and sociopaths truly talented in deceit and manipulation rise up into training and management. It has even happened that when a whistleblower knows enough to put together an expose book or film, they mysteriously DIE. They are, what you call, “silenced.” Believe me, it is not over-stating the fact when I tell you that the dcfs management welcomes, nurtures and promotes socio- and psychopaths. | NOW SEE 4 YOURSELF: | Senator Nancy Schaefer WAS KILLED — MURDERED — for her public stance against the barbarianism, deceipt and disgusting practices of “Family and Children Services” so the corruption can continue to rake in millions for the government-sponsored kidnapping. | Even if dcfs employees know they are wrong and illegal, they do not care because they are basically ignored by the law, which amounts to State-sponsored terrorism and kidnapping (think: American human trafficking). | Having been through this, I can tell you exactly how they do it. They simply make s**t up! They perjure themselves not occasionally, but as a matter of route. You will never see what has been presented to the court, since the entire system is built to keep you in the dark. The judge sees only one side of the story – the made-up side, and will simply sign off on child removal, based on perjurous lies. The lawyers keep quiet, since they don’t want to work too hard and complicate the case by giving you actual legal advice. Even if you ever get a chance to respond, it’s too late. They are receiving $250,000 for successful kidnap, and they will do everything in their power to keep the child. Including telling the child they were unwanted and abandoned, “coaching,” and, of course, slandering the parent to the child, on paper, and right to their face.


Name: Department of Children and Family Services

Country: United States

State: California

City: Los Angeles

Address: 695 S Vermont Ave

Phone: 800-540-4000


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