Derek Kenward


Derek kenward is a very violent and narcissistic unpredictable sex preditor, who is on dozens of dating /sex hook up site, scamming stalking chats site In aliases pretending to be much younger , hes is on every social media platform , porn chat rooms, GRAVATAR git hub , trolling and stalking young girls and young woman l have been a victim of domestic violence, drugging and raping me, bashing chocking , and other woman have contacted me hes date rapt,
He can turn manic and go into uncontrollable rages and turn extremely violent with out any control of what his doing. Hes an extreme sex addict and drug addict,
He goes to so much trouble hiding and using encrypting , using alias emails, l just wanted to warm woman to be very very careful, he comes across extremely lovely in the beginning, he hunts new supply non stop,
Copies and pasted same msg to so many woman he groom for new supply.
He very quickly devalues and discards and blocks ghosts
And disappears.
I was engaged to him for 5 horrific years , of horrific abuse /mental/ physical / sexual abuse / drugging raping . I have so much evidence of everything .

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