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Complaint: I completed a survey and was told I would receive anti age cream for the low shipping price of $4.95. No other requirements to buy were indicated as I reviewed the information carefully looking for an auto ship agreement or any additional costs. When I saw this charge I called the company right away to cancel it and request a refund. They told me no refund since I agreed to it. I asked them to provide the proof since I believe I did not agree. I was told did you click the box that says you are over 18. I told her yes but there was nothing there about auto ship or additional costs and again asked for the proof. She told me only the credit card company will be provided with the proof. I am asking to stop the payment and get a copy of the proof that I agreed to the autoship and additional cost after a trial period. I believe the survey was under Jobs2Shop. It tells you if you cancel within 48 hours you will not be give credit for the survey.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 855-865-5105

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