Derma-nu Skin Remedies Review


I ordered a trial anti-aging cream free, shipping was $7.94. If you wanted a second product free serum, you could request that included. I did. Thirteen days later (not business days) I received a small box that looked half-opened with only the cream in it. I immediately called the number on the packing slip 800-311-6621. After several attempts to get my address corrected and to say the second product was not in the box, “Edward” finally seemed to understand. He said they forgot to include it and I “will be receiving it today.” | Four days later I received a call from my credit card company. My card had been charged the shipping I had originally expected. Derma-nu also charged me $88.64 for a month membership which I had not agreed to and then a few days later charged me $88.96 for another month membership. My credit card company gave me this phone number for Derma-nu, 800-485-5417, told me to ask them to stop and credit back the charges. My credit card company will not decline any charges because I gave Derma-nu my credit information. I have no choice but to get a new card. | I called Derma-nu and talked to “Charles”. Three times I had to verify my address. He said I called outside the 14-day trial period so they would not credit back the charges. So I will have to eat the two $88 charges with nothing to show for it except the lesson learned: Do not be a sucker for these companies or for your credit card company. Even if you talk to your credit card company beforehand (which I had done when first ordering: “I have this $7 charge coming in from Derma-nu; anything else is not from me”), they will not help you because “you gave them your credit information”.


Name: Derma-nu Skin Remedies

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Clearwater

Address: 1953 Freedom Drive

Phone: 7274243434


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