Dermallure Skin Care Review


I had an allergic reaction to the products (serum and cream) and the customer service agent claimed I was LYING because they have never had any such calls before. They refused to give me a refund for the trial products and proceeded to charge me for auto shipments I never authorized orders for. When I called to receive a refund, the agent rambled on about how they would not stay in business if they complied with customers’ request for refunds! I told them they’ll go out of business BECAUSE they’re not fulfilling requests! They also promptly pointed me to a legal disclosure about how they’re “protected.” They’re more concerned about being “protected” than they are taking care of customers. I highly advise you NOT to bother ordering the products. They caused an allergic reaction on my skin, refused to refund money, then proceeded to play games about partial refunds that increased the longer you stayed on the phone. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time. Plenty of other good products with excellent customer service. This product and company are SCAMS.

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