DermEssence Los Angeles California Review


I saw an ad online that Angelina Jolie had a new skincare line and the product was free, except for shipping. I ordered it, and mistakenly clicked the button that put 3 other items on my list. I immediately called them and cancelled the remaining 3 products and confirmed the shipping price for the first item. I then received all 4 items, and when I called to tell them this, they told me there would be a restocking fee of $9 or so, and I had to pay to ship it all back. Then they told me that I had entered a contract of sorts, which I would have to cancel by a certain date. Not only does Jolie have nothing to do with this product, but everything about their approach is a scam. When I told the woman, very respectfully, that I did not order the remaining products, she hung up on me. Her name is Jessica.

2021 N. Slappey Blvd # 219 Albany, Georgia USA


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