desert winds hookah sarasota Florida Review


I went to that hookah place with my boyfriend to try it out since some of my friends suggested I should. We got the hookah started and ordered coffee to go along with it. Everything seemed to go well until this guy who introduced himself as Sam (who claims to be the owner of the place), started to flirt with me in front of my boyfriend. I didn’t mind it until I went aside to take a phone call and he came to strike up a conversation with me, trying to get my number. I repeatedly told him that I was unavailable, and he said “well so am I

but a little fun together wouldn’t hurt””. I walked away and went back to my boyfriend

demanding that we need to leave. I will never go back there again. So unprofessional and seriously feel disgusted.”

4824 14th St W, Bradenton, FL brandenton, Florida United States of America

(941) 751-6138

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