Detective Weber of Baton Rouge Police Department


Complaint: I have been battered over 20 times by a cop, Kyle Poulicek, and the batteries left me with permanent facial deformities. I reported the crime to the police but they falsified the entire investigation. When I mentioned to an Assistant District Attorney Melanie Fields that if she will ignore the evidence of the crime and crime cover-up and still refuse to prosecute Kyle Poulicek who permanently deliberately deformed me, I will publicize everything that pertains to the crime and crime cover up — my personal computer and my email started being monitored by those criminals. When I posted my story on facebook, my account was deactivated within an hour. When I posted the information below on my personal website, it was deleted! I am being silenced and my First Amendment Rights are being violated. Defective James Weber of BRPD falsified investigative reports and lied under oath numerous times. Weber falsified information in his “investigation”” and covered-up the crime – not just by non-action but by deception – with approval of his superiors.In the very beginning

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Address: he pretended to be dumb – as if he does not understand what happened and does not see that the crime has been committed. But since I was bringing more and more evidence

Website: 2018 – that is almost for a year – but BRPD would not give it to me. They simply ignore my requests and when I am trying to contact the legal department that issues those records

Phone: playing dumb no longer worked and criminals that run Baton Rouge Police Department started openly and outrageously lie and falsify evidence directly.If you look at the report he made (and I know that he has been updating it continuously and changing it in light of the evidence I was providing) – none of it makes sense – a pathetic bogus sloppy cover-up. By the way

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