DFW Cars Marion Virginia


Complaint: I purchased a truck from DFW Cars on EBay. Did CarFax, Autocheck, and asked questions. Just as others that have made reports about this dealership, I was lied to and sold a truck that has major issues. It appears these people know a lot of tricks regarding odometer fraud, deceptive trade practices, full disclosure, and false advertising to name a few. It appears they have had several businesses under different names all using the same means to defraud consumers. These people are immigrants. They hide behind the “AS IS”” sale method. I think being allowed to come to the US

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Address: bring your family and friends

Website: would make you want to be an honorable business person. Sure didn’t work with these people. What little I’ve found on the internet about these people indicates they use every available scheme in the auto resale business to take advantage of consumers. What is needed to have get them investigated? Would the government

Phone: introduce them to free enterprise

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