DhealthStore, Inc. Review


I was reading online about how these 2 products, Garcinia Cambogia and Magic Cleanse really worked in helping you to lose weight and inches specifically off your tummy area. This woman had written an article indicating that she had tried them and they did indeed work. Furthermore, she said that Dr. Oz had also endorsed these products. | These products were advertised on Good Housekeeping. There was a Special Offer (Free) available where you only pay for the shipping charges for each product. The shipping charges were as follows: $4.95 for Garcinia Cambogia Magic Weight Management Formula, and $6.97 for Magic Cleanse Internal Detoxification Formula. On the website when you process your payment it does not disclose that you will be Auto-Billed. | When I received my credit card statement one month later, it showed 2 sets of charges. The company had now billed me for $89.95 for Garcinia Cambogia and $68.94 for Magic Cleanse on the 8th of the month and again on the 24th of the same month. Outraged I called the 866-960-1903 to protest these charges. After speaking with a lady, she refunded 100% of the most recently billed charges and 50% of the earlier charge for Garcinia Cambogia. Next I called the issuer of my credit card and informed them that I wanted to vehemently protest against the charges as they had not been authorized. She called the company back at the same phone number in GA according to the statement. In the end, I was refunded both sets of fraudulent charges. | All in all it was quite a harrowing and horrific experience! This was obviously a company set out to scam or rip off people without any regard. My husband and I were extremely upset when it was clear to us what had happened. Please don’t fall for this so called Trial period for these products


Name: DhealthStore, Inc.

Country: United States

State: California

City: Glendale

Address: 1015 N. Pacific Ave

Phone: (888) 268-6861

Website: www.dhealthstore.com

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