Diamond Pools – John Dubyoski Fairfield County Connecticut Review


The internet has come a long way in the past few years – and I hope that by people reading this and other sites – postings about Diamond Pools and by doing their home work before signing on the dotted line – they will be able to avoid the pain and many sleepless nights my family went through having John Dubyoski and his Diamond Pool Company install (or attempt to install) a San Juan Pool. nEverything noted in the Rip Off Report # 454555 in their submission dated 5/22/09 echoed our horror story; except our job was much more expensive and harder to repair. I will recant the story below – but before I do, know that I have a list of “many”” other Diamond Pool victims that are or have had varying degrees of the same problems. One current family from Wilton is unable to allow their children to play in their back yard because of the way the job was managed (pool upside down and an open hole in the back yard for over a year). John leaves a list of casualties at every job! nThe unfortunate thing is that I

and almost all the other victims had spoken to San Juan Pools before and after their experience with John and they continue to list him as an authorized installer. I just got off the phone with them and they said he is an independent contractor and that they do not speak to the quality of his work or his history – which is not what they told me when I called them before I started my job – they said he was an “”award winning installer”” – my guess is they hung up the phone and laughed that he wins the award for the most dissatisfied customers. nSo – my warning to you – John will over charge you

sell you more than you need

take much longer than he estimates (not due to weather)

will do a shoddy job

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