Diamond resorts international Miami Florida Review


So diamond resorts is the biggest rip off I’ve encountered. First the fees are way too high and won’t let me out of contract second their resorts are filthy old and have bugs in them. I stayed at grande villas in Orlando and the room was infested with bedbugs and they hitched a ride on our luggage and my babies playpen. I had to throw these out and diamonds will not pay for their replacements because I don’t have original receipts. Well of course I don’t have them I did think I would ever need them since I’m using the items and was never going to return them. The people working for this company are also extremely rude I was basically told that I was lying and didn’t have luggage or a pen with me. Naturally I took all our items In trash bags on vacation. I would do anything to not have to pay them a dime ever again worse mistake of my life.

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