Diana Mae Adao San Diego, California California


So, I was living with this guy for three years when I found out I was pregnant. When I told him, he dumped me and threw me out into the streets. I slept outside a couple nights, till I couldn’t take it anymore, and showed up at his shitty trailer demanding floor space. That’s when I found out about this overweight jizz receptacle. As it turns out, he had been cheating on me with her for quite some time, and he had been flirting with her the entire time we were together. || She had known we were together and that I was living with him, but that didn’t stop her. The night I showed up at his house, he took off with all the money his mom had given him for US to take her to a hotel room so they could f**k. He was buying her weed and food, and spending money on condoms, while I had to panhandle just to get through the day. || Now I’m thirty-seven weeks pregnant, and my ex hasn’t shown up once for any doctor’s appointments, parenting classes or anything. He spends all his time and money on this worthless piece of shit. The thing is he cheats on her too! He’s sent me several naked pictures of himself. He shamelessly flirts with everything that moves, and this fat bitch is okay with it. She’s also completely alright with the fact that he got a woman pregnant and left her on the streets. || I can’t wait to run into this land whale and let her know exactly how I feel.

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