Dianne Mejia – Rockville Center, New York New York


Dianne Mejia spent all of 2015 and part of 2014 having sex with her boss, Alan at her previous job Best Western Rockville center. She met his most beautiful children and his gorgeous wife and had no heart. She continued the affair which ended up ruining the lives of this family. She used him for his money and connections. Dianne Mejia lives above Sushi Ya still in Rockville center, still close to where the affair began. She’s a true home wrecking whore, ruining families with no care in her selfish world. Lives are destroyed because of her and the entire world needs to know about this whore. Be aware of her if you work with Dianne Mejia and your married. She will definitely hook up with your man and use him because Dianne Mejia plays the “I’m alone in this country” role well.

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