Dickey’s Barbecue Pit


The dickeys at this address are the most discussing place I ever went to. I overheard from a co worker that they use 3 days old meat until it’s gone … An the rolls that they sell are a couple days old they just wrap up the old meat they use the day an use it the next day … The main manager mr James Wilson is disgusting they oven didn’t work an when they put rolls in the oven it was black stuff from the oven getting onto the rolls instead of throwing them away James used a dish rag to wipe off the rolls an still sold the rolls to the customers… The place needs to be shutdown immediately all a health inspector have to do is go there unannounced an see how Nasty they are they have the cleaning products out next to the food … They also have a tall black guy who works there that don’t use gloves to handle the food he has no respect for the business the place needs to be shutdown quick …

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