Didnt ask but i know her – Skin shamed


My daughter today went into Rage shoe shop in potchefstroom wanting to buy shoes and one of the lady who works there approached her and asked my daughter if she was cursed because she has vertiligo a skin condition that she has had since she born now she is 24 and she has never been treated with so much hate in all her life. I dont think its appropriate for a shop attendant to do that to customers throwing her careless opinion about a condition that my daughter never asked for but was born like that she never had a choice about it. Now my daughter has been refusing to go out incase someone else will do the same. As im speaking rigjt now she is going through psychological trauma and she has not been okay since this morning.

Please can you deal with this bad person in your shop in potche my daughters left without buying the shoes she wanted for new year because she felt attacked. My number is 0663381005 and am prepared to take this further if not dealt with fairly.

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