Dig Motorsports and Jeremy Cuthberson Hayward California


Complaint: First donu2019t do business with Jeremy and Candice Cuthbertson doing business as Dig Motorsports out of Thunderhill Raceway in Willows CA. I sold him a car with, my bad, on a verbal agreement and he has reneged on the deal, lied, made stuff up. He and Candice are totally untrustworthy with absolutely no business ethics, honor or integrity. I have both of them lying in texts and emails many times. Jeremy is also very hard to deal with as he is and angry, bigoted, alcoholic and impossible to deal with. There is freedom of speech but repercussions to what you say. You need to talk to me about it my email is [email protected] or call me 510-432-9277 and I will tell you the whole story. If you do choose to do business with them, as Jeremy is a very good race car builder, get the deal in writing and have a lawyer look it over before you sign. Again Jeremy is trouble with a capitol T. Watch your a*s when dealing these two and get it in writing. I didnu2019t and now I am going to have to take them to court. I should have run a background check on them first. Candice has no hits but Jeremy has 7 criminal charges and 3 judgements from lawsuit on his background check. If I would have known what I know now I would never have done business with them.

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: 1214 Ebener St Redwood City, California United States

Website: http://[email protected]/

Phone: 530-605-5150

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