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Like most of the individuals that I have read about in this forum, I too was ripped off by Digitalnow. I sent in a $500 deposit. After many phone calls to Mr. Moore he stated that I would get a full refund. I waited about 2 weeks and finally got a check for my refund. But lo and behold IT BOUNCED and was drawn on Regions Bank. It cost me returned fees and many hours on the phone in order to get anything accomplished. I retired from the Army and live on a very fixed income (I am 100% disabled.) I am not used to getting a run around from ANYBODY and told mr.moore such. nAfter much haggelling I told him what HE was going to do for me, before I filed suit for interstate fraude. I told him that he would include not only the plasma tv I wanted, but the extras he would provide, I included a dvd/vcr combo,x box, 10 cd changer and more. The system was finally delivered and after I opened it I found a no name brand tv, no x box, the wrong speaker system, no dvd/vcr combo. I guess I shouldnt complain, at least I got some symblance of a system. Yes the tv works great, but the sound systen doesnt and as I am a home audiofile I fixed the sound system myself. nHowever the first payment of 64$ came due on the 20th of August, In the mean time I had, had fraud on the bank account # I used to set up the payments., so I closed it. My advice to all of you good people who are being ripped off is to not take NO as an answer. Screw the screwee before he has the chance to do this to you. nGarrynLufkin, TexasU.S.A.

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