Direct Media Depot miami Florida Review


I purchased $1800 in toners from Direct Media Depot on May 28, 2014. By Friday, June 6th, we had not received anything so I decided to give them a call. Every time I called it went to a voice mailbox, never did an operator or front desk personnel answer my call. I left a voicemail every time with my order number, name & callback number & even went as far as to email them hoping if they didnt hear my message that they will read it. By June 10th, I managed to get a live person on the phone and they informed me that it will be delivered by Thursday, June 12th and informed me that our tracking number was incorrect. He said that he would email my boss with the correct tracking # but never did so. On Friday, June 13th at 4:25 pm I spoke with a gentleman who said that he would find out about my order and give me a callback in 5 min. 4:45 pm approached and no call back was given. I placed another call knowing that nobody would answer and continued to leave another message. Week #3 after items were purchased i was trying to contact anyone from Direct Media Depot…Called 4 times daily from Mon-Thurs & then a gentleman called back, apologized about their “phones not working”” and told me that he was gonna check with his manager to see if they can overnight our items of refund the total amount. That was on July 19th. Week #5 after initial purchase. It is now June 30th and they have charged our company 4x the original purchase price and they have not even delivered the items we purchsed. We paid nearly $7

200.00 for services/goods we did not receive. We had to cancel our bank card because they unlawfully authorized 3 charges to our card unbeknownst to us. Do not buy/order anything from this company. They are professional scammers and all they will do is cause you a huge headache. Buyer Beware !!!!!!!!”

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