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After nine continous years as a DirecTV customer the thanks I get is the very first repair I request under my DirecTV Protection Plan Premier took two weeks and wasn’t repaired. I pay $24.98 per month for this “protection.” First off, they use Asurion to do their repairs. If you search Asurion on here as of today June 22, 2015 there are more than 150 complaint related to this company. My beef is more with DirecTV as they are not supporting me as a customer in any way shape or form. When I called DirecTV to make the claim they were all about collecting the $50 deductible, it had to be paid immediately. They use UPS to ship the products back and forth to the repair facility. NOBODY, told me that they use the slowest shipping method possible (perhaps near death mules that should be retired). HAD I been told that shipping takes several days I would have overnighted at my own expense. Two weeks to the day after shipping the iPad in for repair it was returned stil not functioning properly. DirecTV’s solution is to do the EXACT SAME TWO WEEK PROCESS AGAIN. They KINDLY offered to waive the SECOND $50 deductible. To which I literally laughed and said I’d be calling my credit card company to dispute the $50 charge for the NON-REPAIR from two weeks ago. DirecTV does not care about me as a customer and it shows. .

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