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Complaint: Our car was running perfect one day and the next it totally died on us. We took it to a mechanic and he said that the water pump broke and caused the engine to overheat and basicly killed our engine. He gave us a quote, but said that we could try going to an engine exchange place and it might be cheaper. So we did a search on the internet and found Discount Engine Exchange. We took the car in and they said that they could replace everything for $2,700 and it would be finished by the following Wednesday (it was Friday). We paid $2,900 up front (apparently tax wasn’t included in the estimate) and signed the paperwork. The following Thursday we got a call and the shop told us that they had just taken our engine out of the car and our car was a mess. They had a laundry list of things that were wrong with the car and that it would cost at least another $3,000 to get the car running. We have a 2001 Saturn L300 and it’s really not worth putting another $3,000 into it, so we declined and asked to just replace the engine as we had orignally agreed. The following week we got a call saying the car was ready and running and we would pick it up. When my husband went to pick up the car, they handed him a serpent belt in shreads and said that it busted when they changed the engine and it would cost only $14 and a small amount of labor to fix it. The car wouldn’t start and so my husband agreed. They then called us back and said that the belt would actually cost $25. We said okay. When we got the call that the car was ready, I speciffcally asked “Will it start?”” and they said yes. We went to get the car and the car wouldn’t start. But they did hand us an invoice for over $600. The belt on the invoice was for $77 and $120 in labor

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Address: nothing close to the two esitmates they gave us. They also charged us $325 for camshafts. We refused to pay the invoice and the shop said that starting that day they would be charging us $25 and continue to charge us $25 a day for storage until we paid the whole invoive. We talked to a couple of different mechanics about our situation and we were told that camshafts come with an engine and that was a bogus charge. They also said that everything on our invoice was outragously over priced. I called the shop and said that I would tow the car off of their property and pay them a settlement of $151.06 (total of second quoted price for the belt and labor) that day. They said that my offer was an insult and they would see me in court. I then received a fax with a court summons on it. Can anyone help? Is this fair? Are camshafts normally included in an engine when it’s exchanged? Do I really have to pay invoices taht come in 6 times the orginal estimate? I know that their is already another report for this company on this website and when talking to the different mechanics

Website: have you ever had a problem with this company? Very frustrated and still without a car

Phone: we found a mechanic that used Discount Engine Exchange for some side work and said that they tried the same type of scam on them too

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