Discount Furniture Warehouse Denver Colorado Review


I went here with my mother and we both bought the same coffee table seperately. They only had in stock so I took the one in stock and my mom was willing to wait for it to be ordered because we weren’t sure it was going to fit in her place and they told us she could get a refund if it didn’t no mention of a fee. When I got mine home we measured and realized it wouldn’t fit so she called within 24 hours to cancel.They issued a store credit instead of a refund. When we complained, the manager Lisa said no returns. And they charge 25% restock fee if they were to refund.Considering they never had it in stock to begin with that is a bogus charge, but they also neglected to tell us that and didn’t give my mom her own receipt and contract that indicated that. They put her purchase on my receipt. This was 2 separate purchase using 2 different cards. The manager Lisa saud bevause i signed the receipt, that my mom gets bo refund. I believe they didn’t give her a receipt because she would have seen that fine print and waited to purchase the item until she measured first. Their policy is set up so they get money one way or another.The worse part is we had planned several other purchase and a good business would see the value of customer service and repeat customers. Just read the reviews for this place all over, they are terrible. And we found a lot of their product on amazon cheaper anyway. Even if you find a deal, why risk it, there are no refunds. nThey are rude and don’t care about losing customers

345 north Nimitz highway Honolulu, Hawaii United States of America


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