Discount Gold Brokers Review


DISCOUNT GOLD BROKERS from Sherman Oaks CA ran a TV ad selling gold and silver at the best possible price…..when I called there to give them a test order of 120 ounces of silver they asked for a deposit of one hundred dollars on my credit card and then asked for a check for the balance of the order. At the time Silver was selling for nineteen dollars an ounce, after they confirmed to me by phone that the check was received and cleared they told me the silver would be out in less than a week…..what they did was wait for silver to drop below sixteen dollars an ounce which took four to five months before shipping my order. I would bet that if silver went higher they would have found a way to return my money and if it took ten months for the price of silver to drop I probably would have had to wait ten months. I’m no genius but they obviously won’t accept credit cards for their business because it’s too easy to call your credit card company and request a stop on the charge because Discount Gold didn’t deliver their product. I’d be curoius to see what they’d do in this enviroment where silver has come up quite a bit to the people that ordered silver or gold four months ago and paid 15% to 20% less than goldand silver are trading for since the Iraq and Syria attacks…..would they not deliver? Would they refund your money? They don’t seem like they’d be the type of company to refund money to anyone. I wonder how they get aqround taxes, I’m sure they have a scam for that too. This was by far the worst experience I ever had buying metals or coins etc from any other company and I buy a lot of coins from the US Mint and a lot of bulk gold and silver from reputable compnaies. I will never do business with a TV commercial again, so Discount Gold Brokers have destroyed a lot of customers of other compnaies as well as themselves….I finally told them after twelve to fifteen calls that I will be knocking on their door with a representitive from the IRS with an explanation that there are a lot of rules barring scammers from stocks, bonds, and commodities! Finally that did it and they shipped my order at a loss to me of a few hundred dollars because silver declined….I’ll stick to the US Mint for future purchases of gold or silver and Monaco has been reputable with me on several transactions I’ve done with them.

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