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Complaint: Discount Tire 261 Congaree Rd, Greenville SC. This was my first and only visit at Discount Tire. Discount Tire Sold me out of round tires and would not replace and or fix them. And tried to tell me I needed to purchase new rims. 1) The rims were fine going before in Discount Tire.2) The car road better on the old tires. 3) Ive been around and knew they BS-ing me. The store is right beside I-385, which I drove on immediately after the tire purchase. The car shook and shimmied. Went back to the store. After a while in the waiting area, I was called to the desk. They said they could not fix the shimmy in my car due to bad bent rims. Of course I defended the rims, knowing the aluminum rims were jot bent, unless they bent them. Discount Tire went as far as to mount a tire on a balance machine rotate the tire and held plastic ruler on a stick on weight so the ruler would flick. Telling me my rims were bent. I worked in gas stations when they were service stations as a kid. Garages, 10 years in a body shop, 15 years as a mold maker for Michelin Tire. I know when someone is feeding me bunch of crap about a car. That safety check they do. Is just a scam to add more $ to your bill. I took this car and new tires to a local trusted frontend shop and they trued the tires and balance them, putting the cost well over my local trusted tire dealer. If you want your feeling hurt, have the rubber cut of of a set of new tires till they are round.

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Address: 261 congaree Rd greenville, South Carolina United States of America



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