Discrete UPS Mailing Review


I ordered a product from this company cost me 250 for product and they said an extra 50 for shipping i send confirmation of payment then i get an email containing this oher fake web page that my package is being held because i have to issure it for another 200 bucks that it will get refunded once package is received so i get in touch with kevin kelly and he tell me that i dont pay the ups store that i can just send them the 200 and theyll take care of it on there end and i was sent a personal account under the name martha dahmer a personal wells fargo account i refuesed to pay asked for a refund and i was told that because they invested time into mailing the package to me that iwasnt entitled to a refund but there still calling me asking for the 200 to send my package yeah right they got me once i wont let them get me again..


Name: Discrete UPS Mailing

Country: United States

State: Alabama




Website: discreteupsmailing.com

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