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Purchased a receiver and tailgater system for my motorhome. I also have Dish at home, with an extra receiver, that I pay $7/mo. for. Called customer service to inquire if I could avoid the $7 monthly fee, for the extra receiver by returning it, and using the receiver that I own. I was told yes, they would send a box to return the extra receiver, which they own. It never came, and after another call, I finally got the box. Sent back UPS the next day, and tracking showed they received it shortly, thereafter. When my bill came, the $7 charge was still there. Another call, and was told that they would remove the $7 charge. Next day there was no service to my owned receiver. Another call, and this is the fourth concerning this issue, and I was told that although I owned my own extra receiver, I still had to pay $7/mo. to have transmission to it. Obviously, the prior three reps don”t know what they are talking about, or just plain lied to me.This is typical of my dealings with Dish, over the last 15 years. No wonder they are listed among the top 5 companies that are hated by their customers. Check your alternatives before you contract with them

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