Sign up on mar 17 for dish .was to be free install .week later rec letter from them saying that didn’t qualify for free install . made a $51.00 dollar payment was to be first month payment .they keep it and on the 3 rd of Apr they time 91 dollars out of my account 51 for first month payment and 40 for a HD cord .never rec a contract from installer was on his cell phone a 3/3 screen .was thing payment would be ever 30 day wrong got hit with first bill 13 days after signing up .. Then the credit card that I used for that one account started getting funny thing bought on it .sign up over the phone so only one to have the card wash dish TV . | card got hit canceled card bank gave me a new one dish TV had the on the card before I called them to give them the new .card was hacked again cancel we one card .call dish on the 3 to tell them about it they didn’t care. ask them to send me a bill on the 3 rd never came call them on the 15 same thing.on the 25 .bill came on the 25 later that day mail payment the same day tao days later they turn it off .been off sence the 25 Nov .thought they bill in 30 day cycle but got first bill after 16 day being on what a night mare dish people are the bastions people I’ve ever talk with . | beware remember this they are the only one with the card so you tell me how been hacking my card 7 unauthorized purchases on my credit cards in three months have had bank stop sending me visa credit card will pay with a check from now on .sending back all dish TV box’s and everything else today .o they want me to pay them 100 dollars to turn it back on never miss a payment .payedmy bill 13 days before the 30 day billing cycle and they still turned it off .what a night made .PS can’t hit my bank don’t ha e a credit card anymore because of dish TV .what would you think if dish TV was the only person on this planet that had the card ??

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