Diversified Collection Services Complaint


After 4 years of paying off my student loans thru court d/t permanent disability, I am now being harrassed by this collection agency again. It seems my old bill went from one state to the other, and now the new collection department has different people calling me up on my husband’s telephone demanding payments. They state they don’t accept the discharges from the Los Angeles Courts, nor my previous physicians paperwork. The state I took out the loan from, has agreed to discharge the unpaid portion of my loan d/t medical conditions. Yet the DCS agency is going to take all of my pay checks (which I don’t have any), all of my vehicles, garnish my wages (don’t have those either), and take my home from me. Ms. Hawkins was last person to speak with me today from DCS from the telephone number listed above which belongs to Hal Leach, Jr., President of DCS out of Grants Pass, OR.

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