Diversified Trading Institute


This school, founded by Tom Busby who was supposedly a former Trader with Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney, is NOT EDUCATIONAL OR HELPFUL. Their primary sales pitch is for what they call a ROAD MAP SCANNER. This so called tool, is not only difficult to set up and maintain but it is worthless because the information that is supposed to be given with this tool is cryptic and not organized. The classes they have are far from helpful. | Tom Busby who runs the classes talks on and on during the class time about everything except trading stocks. Talks about back in the 1982 blah blah blah.. I dont care about 1982, 1992 or last month. Stock trading is for today. The other big thing during class is they are constantly trying to sell you something else. | They are always having a big sale.. $4000 for this, $6000 for something else, conventions they are selling for several thousand dollars and I cannot imagine that anything they have is worth anything after seeing the scam Ive been a victim of I have contacted them several times since the beginning about problems with their so called ROAD MAP TOOL. I have gotten nothing but rhetoric and the person on the line telling me that they are here to help and in the same breath telling me I needed to do more work. REALLY? | Ive gone through all the tutorial classes which are totally worthless as far as helping to set up or use their tool. They have a 116 pg instruction book which is ridiculous. If you could ever set this tool up and use it , it would take more time than people have and then the information is not useful. When I signed up for this they were all about how this was refundable if you were not happy. | Dont believe that for a minute. I have called them 4 times and all I get is the run around. I have been put on hold and they never returned to the phone. I have been told they will call me back or will have Tom Busby or someone call me. IM STILL WAITING FOR THE PHONE CALL!!!

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