I do not endorse anyone do any business with Todd Bristol nor Frances Bristol, in entertainment, employment or otherwise. I did and I regret daily doing so. I strongly recommend you find someone else. | He did at the time of dispute have the signature block: | Todd Bristol | Interactive Entertainment DJs and Events, | Casino Parties and Game Shows. | Mesa, Arizona | 480-755-4200 | Consumers have a right to know the practices of businesses that take their money. This is about my one and only dealing with Bristol. Four attorneys I talked to have stated announcements like this is legal. | Bristol promised to deliver a product, hid important derogatory facts, took my money, changed sales conditions, refused to deliver any product, and refuses to this day to return my court-ordered refund money. He threatened me with legal action when I asked for my money back. | Everyone reading this has their own words for this behavior. Apply your own phrases as you see fit. | In summary: In July 2015, I flew round trip and gave $3,000 to Todd Bristol as down payment for his agreement to deliver a small experimental airplane to me he advertised for sale. I would have the balance of $22,000 in a bank-controlled escrow account waiting for him per compliance with Arizona law at his bank chain upon delivery. | The airplane had major faults not revealed at the time to me. FAA rules prohibited it from flying at the time for safety reasons. He stated log books existed. He never displayed either of two books to me. Airplanes MUST have log books. Without log books, any so-called airplane is worth little more than scrap value. This airplane had to fly else I would not accept it. He kept stating he would deliver log books. | A few days later, after taking money, he changed sales terms and demanded full payment of money up front. On top of that, I had to drive 900 miles one-way to there to get it. I steadfastly disagreed to that condition. He had to deliver (i.e., prove the airplane could fly by flying it to me). He refused to deliver. I canceled the deal and asked for my $3,000 back. He refused refunding and stated I forfeited the money. | He still refuses to this day to return my $3,000 back to me even after my multiple urgings to him to do so and after my attorney demanded he do so. Nobody I know “forfeits” $3,000 without a clearly stated contract. I refused to take his inoperable product and he put his attitude into writing: “A fool and his money are soon parted.” | I drove 900 miles one-way and sued in a small claims court in Mesa, AZ. On 4/27/2016 (a long time ago), the judge (hearing officer) ruled the defendant (Bristol) must return to the plaintiff (me) the $3,000 and pay court costs. This is a court ORDER, not a request. The operative words are “must return”. By law, the judgment is due and payable immediately after the judgment is rendered in a small claims court. | This was documented in Arizona small claims court case number CC2015197915 SC. This is a publicly available document. See at the bottom of this article how to read the entire court order. | On 5/5/2016, I wrote an e-mail to Bristol, again urging him in a civil manner to comply with the court order. This is allowed by law. The case would be closed, this experience would be buried, and normal life can resume as it was. This was my last e-mail directed to Bristol. | His reply on 5/18/2016, “If I receive one more threat, or for that matter, anymore correspondence from you, I will contact the police and file extortion charges against you.” Those are his words, not mine. I laugh at his concept of thinking he can intimidate me to back off this case. (He has asked the court to simply dismiss this case. The court will not dismiss this judgment. Interest accruing on the unpaid balance increases daily at four times the current bank savings account rate.) | It became obvious to me even before winning the court order that Bristol knew how to make onerous collection laws work in his favor. I strongly suspect some unknown number of customers before me did not get what they paid for, tried collecting a refund, but found it easier to quit pursuit and take their loss after similar threats from him. I would like to hear from them. They are invited to contribute their words. | I know of nobody who wants to deal with a “businessman” who takes a very large sum of money from trusting customers and then threatens them with legal charges when they demand a lawful refund because he failed to deliver anything. | Laws of Arizona allow civil correspondence demanding return of personal property. There has been no more correspondence outside court channels. He claims I am guilty of extortion, harassment, bullying, lies in court, and more in court documents. How, nobody knows. My residence is 900 road miles from his. I believe the only reason for these words is to intimidate me to back off. I claim he is using distance to enforce his belief that I will give up and quit. I refuse to be a passive victim. It is not too late for him to make things right. | To this date, I still have nothing to show for my loss of $3,000 plus additional thousands of dollars in other expenses trying to collect as allowed by Arizona law. The onerous Arizona collection laws and very incomplete instructions make it almost impossible for a victim to collect restitution. | I find it incredible and unreasonable that anyone who can afford an airplane and the residence at the address on court documents will not return any relatively trivial refund that the court has ordered returned. I filed a request to place a lien against his residence with the Arizona Superior Court clerk. It is recorded in case number TJ2017-003907. Any effort to collect should never have gone this far as to file a request for a lien on his residence. I am not waiting 20 years or longer to collect. | Had Bristol been honest up front and stated “I will not deliver”, I would have thanked him for his honesty and this whole mess would have never happened. | Both Bristols’ words are worthless to me. I will state to everyone they should go find some other business. There are many other honest businesses out there who will deliver goods and services for customer’s money. Get smart about Arizona sales laws. | I encourage use of social media, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, and any other means, to broadcast the content of this message to contacts, friends, family, coworkers and anyone who may someday plan some kind of wedding, party, night out, etc. Have them relay the message to more contacts. And so on. Bristol’s bad reputation for dealing with trusting customers must be spread far and wide. | If any reader contacts either Bristol, tell them that it is not too late to make things right. It will be less costly to them if they move sooner rather than later. | If you read this and still deal with Bristol, who promised me to deliver a quality product with logbooks, took my money, changed sales terms to benefit only him, demanded full payment up front, refused to deliver anything, called this paying customer a fool, threatened to start legal action, and continues to defy a court order to make restitution, you get absolutely no sympathy from me for your loss. | To see the court order: | Go to site of Maricopa County Recorder: | Enter Last Name and First Name : Bristol Todd | Document Code dropdown list: | JUDGMENT-GENERAL TYPES INCLUDING CIVIL | Press SEARCH button (returns results in a couple of minutes) | Click on highlighted recording number 20160526950 | Click on the highlighted Pages count 3 to view the documents in PDF format | If your network blocks .pdf documents, then go to a network that does not block them.

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