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Black Diamond Skin Serum and associated products fraudulently charged $189.98 on my credit card in 45 days. I called the customer service nujmber I found online (they did not provide it). The agent said that I had agreed to an auto ship of a skin care product to be auto-shipped with monthly charges of $99.99. I did not agree to this and I read the fine print. While ordering from Tootsie Rollís site, I was somehow diverted to this site, which made itself appear to be associated with Tootsie Roll. It is not, as I found out today. At first I asked politely to send the merchandise back for a refund. They agent stated there would be a restocking fee of $15, and additional fees for handling and processing, and I would have to pay return shipping. They were very explicit and unnecessarily detailed about how the package must be labelled, and said that if it were not labelled correctly so as to be visible to any receiving department employee, it would not be processed. Also, if I didnít pay for tracking it would not be accepted. Here is some of the info that must be visible on the exterior of the packaging: Refund Manufacturerís Authorization code 36374697081034852. Iím guessing they hope I will mess up the number, thereby disqualifying my application for refund. FUrthermore, they refuse to refund the $89.99 they charged on an auto-ship that was sent 14 days after initial contact with the site. I never received that product. I guess their MO is to “lose” that shipment so that by the time you get the next one sent 30 days later, it is too late by their 30-day refund policy to get a refund or return of the product supposedly shipped a month before, but you did not know about it being auto-shipped becuase you never recieved it. That is certainly how they fraudulently but successfully charged $189.98 to my card. By the time you figure it out they have almost $200 of your money. Of course I will take it up with my bank, but it shouldn’t have ever happened; and after my call to their customer service line it should have been rectified, but it was not.

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