Dmitriy Novikov Hawley Texas Review


The cite is a big time scam. I am a totally blind computer user, and the cite seemed to be on the up and up, however, after finding the product I wanted, I was prompted to send them money, ($142, plus 20 dollars to send it), Western Union. Against my better judgement, I went ahead and sent the money to one Dmitriy Novikov in Istana Kazakhstan. Several hours after sending the money, I got an e-mail stating that my order would be shipped out within 24 hours, and that I should get it within 12 days. After several weeks of hearing nothing, I sent several e-mails and got back some auto responses. Finally I was told that after 3 more weeks with no information I would get a refund of my money.Unfortunately, I never received either my money or my product. When I tried to log back in to his cite, I was denied access. I used a friend’s name, and got back in, but when he discovered that it was me, he removed me again, and he has ignored my last several attempts to contact him.nHe has also changed e-mail addresses several times. He has used [email protected], and now is using [email protected]. I hope that we can shut him down before he takes money from anyone else. being as I have said totally blind, and on a fixed income, I can’t afford to get ripped like this, but if I can’t get my money, maybe I can do something to help someone else to avoid this trouble.

Bogenbay batur st. 85-12 City: Astana Country: Kaz Internet United States of America

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