DMS Governance


Paras Malde is a Cayman Islands based Scam artist and a fraud. They supposedly give you advice on how to avoid United States Taxes and tell you lies they will raise your fund billons. They advise you they will put their people as Directors in the front so US government does not find out who you are. I believe this is highly illegal. This alleged crime is carried right out of a PO Box. out of a Cayman Islands. | DMS Governance is running alleged FRAUD. They have taken hundreds of dollars some say millions from United States and European companies. | I Paid Mr. Malde 75,000 USD who promised to act as front for my Fund which he said he will create. He promised us minimum of 100M (should of been a red flag) But end up getting SCAMMED by Mr. Malde. But he has silver tongue. Watch Out. | Mr. Malde is Conman who has been reported to: | United States Exchange Commission “SEC” | According to source there are numbers investigations underway by the SEC for Mr. Paras Malde is taken money from potential victims and not delivered on any promises made by him. Mr. Paras Malde takes the money from potential clients in offshore Cayman Islands Company. | Please contact the SEC if you come across this SCAMMER. He is not registred as an advisor with US SEC. Which is required by LAW in the US. He is unregistered joker – who just promoses you billions. | He also has been reported to the Federal of Bureau Investigation “FBI” | For running a Potential SCAM. We have filled a criminal complaint against Mr. Paras Malde. Please contact Barbados Office. This guy is a potential threat please be careful. Advice we received from the FBI do not deal with Mr. Malde directly contact them.

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