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We had ordered for years and years from Drs. Foster & Smith with good results. So my wife ordered a new aquarium cover with LED light to replace one we had. Our light was burned out so we wanted the item in a timely manner. We ordered the new product and kept monitoring the transaction but after more than two weeks nothing was shipped. My wife called Drs. Foster and Smith and asked the status. The lady on the phone said they did not ship becasue we had a security problem. My wife explained we have an excellent A+ credit account and could not understand, so she asked for an explanation. The lady said she would need to talk to their “Security Agent” whom she transferred the call to. | He told my wife they canceled the order because our residence had bought an item on ebay before and apparently the seller of that item had some sort of problem with Dr. Foster and Smith. When my wife said, “that makes no sense, what do we have to do with other retailers?”. The agent responded “You should not be buying stuff off of Ebay.” My wife told him that was ridiculous, and asked him why they cancelled the order yet failed to call or email to that effect and left us waiting and the agent said it was because that we were a security issue. He then said he would in our case give us two day free shipping and go ahead and process our order. My wife said “No, I at this point have not appreciated your tone acting like we are some sort of crooks and they certainly must have been unappreciative we ordered from them in the effect they did not fill the order, so just leave the order cancelled and we would never deal with them again. | I have never in my life heard of a company who would monitor people as to where they previously shopped. After thinking it sounds to me that Drs. Foster and Smith may be the Security Risk themselves. What gets me about the whole ordeal was not so much denying to sell, becasue they apparently have a right to deny sale if they don’t want to sell it. But the problem is they accepted my credit card and accepted the transaction,, and then later denided the transaction but made no attempt to notify us and left us waiting.

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