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Complaint: I have a 2001 Dodge Durango. I just cracked 40,000 miles. The vehicle is regulary serviced. I have the records on file. I felt a slight pause in the transmission when just starting out. I took the Durango in for service and you guessed it! I need a new transmission after only 40,000 miles. This is absurd I thought. I will just call Daimler Chrysler and they will surely make good on this. WRONG! I was given the standard line by the consumer affiars operator,”3 years or 36

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Address: 000 miles.”” We are not responsible. The cold calus sound of her voice made me think that she was used to saying this to people or better yet reading it off of some type of index card. Daimler Chrysler must be held accountable for there poor quality of workmanship in there transmissions. I am out of warranty and out of the 1

Website: Centrline Michigan 48015 Centerline, Michigan U.S.A.

Phone: 800.00 dollars it is going to cost me to get my transmission repaired. I got RIPPED OFF! Chris Manasquan

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